ActivID® CMS Appliance

HID Global’s ActivID® CMS Appliance enables organizations to issue a strong authentication credential that goes beyond perimeter security. A smart card or smart token can be used to secure access to individual workstations and servers within the firewall, as well as securing VPN and other remote access use cases.

The ActivID® CMS Appliance is ideal for:

  • Small to medium enterprises issuing converged access cards or smart tokens for employee authentication to corporate IT assets
  • Medium to large enterprises issuing a PKI authentication credential to a specific group of users, such as IT administrators
  • Large organizations running a rapid pilot, prior to an enterprise wide deployment

The ActivID® CMS Appliance is a unique offering that provides a complete PKI smart card solution, and features a Card Management System, Certificate Authority and Hardware Security Module. A simple set-up wizard enables the administrator to connect to the enterprise directory and issue smart cards or smart tokens for user authentication. In addition, a Web-based self-service feature, and help desk administration reduce costly IT help desk calls.

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