ActivID® DisplayCard Tokens

HID DisplayCard Tokens enable organizations to apply strong authentication to their network, system and cloud-based applications. The DisplayCard Tokens fit easily into a user’s wallet, making them highly portable and convenient. When needed, users simply click a button and the DisplayCard Token generates a One-Time Password they can use to authenticate to the resources they need. In addition, when combined with proximity technology, organizations can use the same DisplayCard Token for both physical and logical access security.

There are two products in the HID DisplayCard Token family:

  1. DisplayCard Token: designed to easily enable remote access or consumer authentication to services, such as online banking. Facilitates mobility by allowing users to generate dynamic One-Time Passwords, without needing to use a card reader.
  2. Smart DisplayCard Token:combines the security of a Token with public key infrastructure (PKI) features for online authentication in a Smart Card form factor. It’s embedded with a Smart Chip that supports standard Smart Card PKI capabilities, such as email encryption and digital signatures. It supports two user authentication modes: ‘Connected Mode’ for authentication from corporate-issued machines, and ‘Disconnected Mode’ for authentication from a kiosk or mobile device.

The HID DisplayCard Tokens enable organizations to:

  • Enhance Security – replace the use of static passwords, with multi-factor authentication.
  • Reduce costs – eliminate the need for special readers; when combined with proximity technology can deliver an all-in-one solution for physical and online access.
  • Increase Convenience – the credit card form factor is easy to carry and use.

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